Six Core Areas

The ultimate aim of the work undertaken by teaching schools is to have a positive and sustainable impact on the lives and opportunities of all children and young people by raising standards of teaching and improving learning outcomes.

St. Mary's Teaching School is one of only eight teaching schools within Leeds. Besides the work we do as an individual teaching school, St. Mary's works within an alliance - a group of schools and strategic partners that are supported by the leadership of a teaching school.  Working together means a stronger team of professionals and a wider range of knowledge, skills and experience which can be deployed across the 'Big Six' strands of work undertaken by each teaching school.

School Led ITT

We develop opportunities to provide school-led initial teacher training.


  • lead the development of school-led initial teacher training through ITT
  • take an active role in the recruitment and selection of trainee teachers
  • have a clear plan for teacher training, including access to outstanding lessons and teachers for observation and planning, mentoring, quality assurance and the co-ordination of initial teacher training with professional development opportunities.

See our ITT (Primary) and ITT (Secondary) pages for more information.

Further Information

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