Six Core Areas

The ultimate aim of the work undertaken by teaching schools is to have a positive and sustainable impact on the lives and opportunities of all children and young people by raising standards of teaching and improving learning outcomes.

St. Mary's Teaching School is one of only eight teaching schools within Leeds. Besides the work we do as an individual teaching school, St. Mary's works within an alliance - a group of schools and strategic partners that are supported by the leadership of a teaching school.  Working together means a stronger team of professionals and a wider range of knowledge, skills and experience which can be deployed across the 'Big Six' strands of work undertaken by each teaching school.

Supporting other Schools

We lead the co-ordination of school-to-school support. This usually involves working with a school or academy in challenging circumstances to bring about improvement but can also encompass work to ensure standards are maintained at high levels.

Priorities are identified to support under-performing schools and academies. Local authorities and Dioceses work with us to support schools in need of improvement.

We ensure that the best system leaders are working to improve the quality of teaching and leadership where it is most needed. This includes deciding how to use the services of system leaders to provide support to other schools, such as:

middle and senior leaders working as Specialist Leaders of Education
Headteachers working as local and National Leaders of Education
Chairs of Governors working as National Leaders of Governance
Information on these roles can be found in this guide to system leader roles.

Further Information

Further information regarding teaching schools can be found at: 

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