Primary RQT Programme

Last updated: 01/03/2019

Making the best of you

We want RQTSs to feel supported throughout their teaching career and become confident and outstanding teachers along with inspiring and preparing them for leadership . That is why we have designed a programme aimed at RQTs that is relevant, up-to-date; designed and delivered by outstanding practitioners enabling RQTS to reflect on their development as aspiring leaders. 

The programme has two overarching principles : 

  • to enable RQTs to embed excellence in their own teaching and learning and 

  • to provide opportunities for RQTs to develop leadership competencies that relate to curriculum leadership and leading teams, creating a leadership pathway into NCTL NPQ Middle Leadership Qualification. 

Aims and outcomes 

Monday 24th September 3.00pm -4.00pm 

St. Mary’s Teaching School, LS15 5AB 

Welcome and introduction 

Course outline and expectations 

Module content and dates 

Learning log and portfolio 

Module One 

Maximising the use of Teaching Assistants 

3rd October 1:00-4.00pm 

Classroom climate and ethos 

Breaking down barriers 

7 Best habits to deploy TAs 

Module Two 

Introduction to leadership 

28th November 1:00-4.00pm 

Leadership styles 

Leading outside your classroom 

Module Three 

Individual coaching session 

February Spring Term 1 

Developing self-awareness 

Managing change 

Becoming a reflective practitioner and leader 

Venue and time allocation to be confirmed individually 

Module Four 

Subject leadership 

20th March 1.00-4.00pm 

Knowing your subject 

Developing and communicating your vision 

Effective action planning and monitoring 

Module Five 

Understanding progress 

22nd May 1:00-4.00pm 

Using assessment to secure progress 

Reporting to parents 

Module Six

Improving communication and presentation skills 

5th July 1.00-4:00pm 

Bespoke session based on participant feedback 

Reflection and review 

Learning log and portfolio completion 

Assessed requirements of the programme

It is anticipated that participants will complete a learning log and portfolio of evidence demonstrating how they have developed their teaching and leadership competencies based on an emergent NPQ Middle Leadership assessed framework. This will relate directly to a school improvement priority and reflect their own personal targets for development. To support participants with this a teaching and learning diagnostic questionnaire has been devised to enable RQTs to develop these leadership competencies and become more proficient reflective practitioners and leaders.